Customer Reference Marketing

Cultivate a portfolio of strong and credible references for every marketing campaign


Portfolio Examples

Customer Reference Marketing

For IT vendors seeking customer evidence in every marketing campaign, Cypress Consulting advises, instructs, and executes The Cypress MethodTM to help build and maintain a portfolio of references with a proven process that yields success.


Documented approval, acquired in coordination with sales team, of willing IT manager to speak of their successful and stable deployment on your behalf.


A synopsis from thorough customer interviews depicting challenges, planning, deployment, benefits, and quotes, as a foundation for use in any marketing campaign.


High quality, customer approved content including brochures, podcasts, ROI reports, seminar decks, and videos, for immediate use in any marketing activity


Placement of customer approved content in marketing campaigns and industry publications, and customer coached presentations at conferences and webcasts


Customer appreciation gifts and monthly assessment reports of reference usability including corporate approval, deployment stability, and citing statistics

Marketing Content Development

Customer-focused solution messaging, content planning and production


Portfolio Examples

Marketing Content Development

Cypress Consulting recently expanded its services to include messaging, marketing content planning, and production of business-value whitepapers, product demonstration videos, and solution data sheets.


Concise and focused positioning document, including value proposition statement, supporting pillars, and copy blocks, derived from moderated product team discovery meeting and secondary research.

Content Planning

Twelve-month content development calendar mapped to product launches, sales team requirements, and marketing activities, created from needs assessment discovery and secondary research. 

Whitepapers, Demo Videos, Data Sheets

High quality and effective content based on extensive primary and secondary research, consistent with target audience, technical level, stage of sales cycle, and usage requirements.