Cypress Consulting helps technology marketing professionals achieve success by supplying high quality content that entices coming others achieve success through finding, documenting and presenting IT many deployment stories. 

Though a seemingly straightforward concept, I know customer reference marketing requires coordination across multiple stakeholders and functional areas; and persistence, diligence, and precision to deliver top quality results. It is for these reasons that I have a great passion for this field and am confident I can help others succeed. 

Cypress Consulting recently expanded its services to include messaging, marketing content planning, and production of business-value whitepapers, product demonstration videos, and solution data sheets.

I look forward to helping all clients achieve market leadership, and collaborating with writing, video, and communications partners to do so. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly to discuss working together in what I see as a very dynamic area of business.

Messaging and Thought Leadership
Strategic positioning, value propositions, product comparisons, market research

Marketing Communications
Articles, blogs, brochures, case studies, eBooks, playbooks and battle cards, research reports, speeches, webinars, white papers

Video and Graphic Design
Case study, demo, and communication videos, webcasts; layout and production

highlighting the amount of work I’ve done over the years; 75+ case studies; 20+ videos; 20+ other