Since 2011, I’ve developed messaging and marketing content for several Cisco departments – WebEx, Unified Access, Partners, and Services.

But one project has me energized about huge growth opportunities for Cisco and IT vendors across the globe. This growth is all about IOT – the Internet of Things. Here’s a video I did for this group (also below).

My View of IOT

Mostly because of this project, I define IOT as… Sales of IT solutions to OT (operation technology) buyers in factories, mines, oil fields, and electricity grids.

The project spotlights Cisco’s brilliant partnerships with industrial technology leaders like Emerson Electric, Honeywell International, Johnson Controls, Rockwell Automation, and Schneider Electric.

Why brilliant? These companies are trusted advisors to OT buyers that have billion dollar ‘construction’ budgets in, you got it… factories, mines, oil fields, and electric grids… and in modern urban development projects.

The billion dollar budgets are completely outside IT but increasingly include IT solutions.

IOT Doubles IT Vendor Addressable Market

OT projects all now include Internet & Wi-Fi, servers & storage, and apps & big data. When deployed, they connect machines, sensors, devices and software to drive industrial automation and innovation.

What a huge win for IT vendors!!!

But these solutions are not purchased direct from IT vendors or their traditional partners; rather from trusted advisors –Emerson Electric, Honeywell International, etc.

So my take on IOT’s impact to IT vendors, simply put, is doubling the addressable market for Cisco, HP, NetApp, Oracle, SAP and all their competitors.

My crude estimate comes from asking how much each of these organizations spends on IT vs. OT?

  • Groupe Danone: IT includes headquarters, data centers, sales offices; OT includes factories, distribution centers, and raw materials management
  • John Hopkins Hospital: IT includes offices, hospital Wi-Fi, electronic records; OT includes heating systems, physical security, temperature controls
  • India Power: IT includes campus network, Wi-Fi, department servers and security; OT includes smart grids, maintenance vehicles, IP video cameras, regional control centers

And think of the budgets for new mines, wind farms, and airports. The opportunities for IT vendors are plentiful.


IOT is great for IT vendors as it opens doors to massive OT budgets and buyers. And congrats to Cisco for figuring out who can walk them right through the front door of OT.

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