Cypress Consulting started with case studies in 2011 but soon expanded to broader marketing content. The three reasons we excel in broader content are:

  • Strong knowledge of applications, cloud and data center infrastructure,
  • Clearly defined project target and call-to-action, and
  • Client requests for additional marketing content

******* Applications, cloud and data center infrastructure – I’ve been fortunate to market and sell many technologies over 15+ years in the Silicon Valley. My first two jobs in enterprise applications – Remedy and Nuance – included working with ERP, systems management software, and telecom partners. Veritas/Symantec was next, which yielded middleware, storage, and security experience. Then at Cisco, I built my knowledge base of networking and servers.

Given this breadth, I can quickly understand features and benefits of a wide set of B2B technology solutions, and the IT buyers that purchase them.

Project Definition  - Before engaging with a client, I compose a one-page written project definition in Microsoft Word to ensure we’re both on the same page. Each section – executive summary, project goal, target audience, usage, key messages, and call-to-action – includes brief text that can be revised through pre-sales conversation.

Client Requests – As case studies straddle corporate communications and product marketing, I have a strong handle on company and solution messaging through the composition of a success story. I also pick up valuable market knowledge by talking directly to customers and their account managers. With this intelligence, I’m well prepared to help clients with additional corporate, product, or thought leadership marketing.

A few examples of solution sheets, whitepapers other marketing content can be found here:

Thus, if you or a colleague needs help with marketing content development - case studies, solution sheets, product demos, authored articles, etc. – please contact me and we can discuss how I can extend your success. Thereafter, I’ll come back with a one-page proposal we can review. Reach me at or 650-346-8945.