Greetings from Stockholm! - Cypress Consulting’s Silicon Valley HQ is closed for the summer, but our Sweden office is open.

It’s a real treat to experience new cultures. And I’ve been fortunate to explore many wonderful places for both work and pleasure. This time I've combined the two in a unique way and am really having a great experience.

******* A House Swap – Since July 2, I’ve been living in a beautiful three story, three-bedroom house with a large yard, four bicycles, and a car….in Stockholm Sweden. I’m right near the subway (they left me a free pass) and I’m cooking a lot to saving money for expensive drinks at the clubs.

A Remote Office – Since I’m working on three Cisco projects now, I’m also fortunate to work from the Cisco office in Stockholm with some very nice colleagues. With all the modern amenities – espresso machine, conference rooms, printer & supplies – I’m very productive.

An Incredible City – I highly, highly recommend a visit to Stockholm in the summer. It’s an amazingly beautiful city  – one-third water, one-third parks, one-third city. Everyone I’ve met is super friendly, relaxed, happy, artistic and smart. There’s an incredible startup culture here, and a lot of creative thinkers.

I’ll be back on August 13 - and ready to roll into new projects this fall. And with more knowledge of how business is conducted outside the US.  So, if you or a colleague need help with marketing content development, please contact me and we can discuss how I can extend your success.

Reach me at or 650-346-8945.


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