In February I published a WebEx customer testimony paper summarizing five users’ product feedback - link.

My client wanted customer stories for a new product with limited sales and deployments. I pitched and was hired to interview users about their pilots and present as Cypress Consulting analysis.

My client loved it due to product praise from big name customers, but success came from 3 factors: anonymous interviews, independent analysis and candid feedback.

*****Anonymous Interviews: Not quoting interviewees by name or company opened the interview pool to all customers. And talking to many “leading” companies in varied industries and geographies with impressive employee counts (1,600-20,000) addressed the anonymous statements credibility issue.

Independent analysis: A paper by Cypress Consulting also offset the anonymous customer statement credibility issue and gained reader trust.  Because of this, the product introduction section that highlighted top features and benefits from an independent source was likely met with more confidence.

Candid feedback: As a third party, I was not fishing for statements to affirm product messaging and strengths. And as a result of listening to customers, I uncovered the real reasons they liked the solution and transferred that valuable feedback to my client.

In the end two of five companies allow use of their names, and the other three were able to contribute to a success story piece that otherwise would not have.  And the client also came away with a case study pipeline to exploit when the product matures. Overall, the project was a great success.

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