In 2013 Cypress Consulting expanded from case studies to broader content marketing such as product demo videos.

BEAUTY AND THE BUDGET: In exploring a product demo project with a client, I found most videos online to be boring. Some stayed high level while others were in the weeds; I wasn’t sure of their purpose – presales, post-sales or internal training.  And given their quality, some were likely done on iMovie. I knew I could do better even on a modest budget.

*****The first step was to identify video usage with my client. In this case it was to advance the sales cycle with an already curious prospect, and delay or avoid a proof of concept (POC).  Given this, I crafted the below framework and delivered a five minute video that exceeded the client’s expectations while staying on budget.

Include Value Proposition: There are two reasons to take 45 seconds before the demo to pitch the product value proposition. First, it gives product and use case context to the viewer before seeing the demo. Second, as a product marketing team, it’s prudent to take every opportunity possible to reinforce the product value.

Right Features, Right Order: Not every feature needs to be demonstrated for a viewer to understand the product, likely just the top 5 at 30-60 seconds each. If more are desired, the video can be extended or a second video can be created. With this in mind, I worked closely with the product team to prioritize the top features and set a logical flow for the screen capture.  

Reinforcing Text: With the screen capture file from the product team, I sliced it by feature with a 5 second title card before each section, and placed it on the right side of the video, using the remaining space for reinforcing points I wanted the viewer to take away. A screen shot plus text and audio, I feel, gives the viewer the highest chance of quickly understanding the product features and values.

Beautiful End Product: No one wants to a boring video. So I included energizing music throughout, and used an attractive professional voice talent, motion graphics, b-roll, and images to improve the final product.

Using this framework, the end result is a well crafted and aesthetically pleasing demo that can be used with prospects, on a website, and at tradeshows. And all within a pretty reasonable budget.

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