I started with case studies, as I love talking to customers, and learning about their business & tech challenges.

My approach is straightforward: 1) strong background research, 2) smart interview Qs, & 3) appeal to the target audience with a compelling story of facts & anecdotes.

Background Research: Before tech & business school, I studied companies & industries as an investment analyst at RCM Capital in SF – reading reports, meeting CFOs & Wall St. analysts, & penning my opinions. 

*****I still love reviewing company financials and corporate info to find issues driving success and failures.

Interview Questions: I ask leading questions based on solid research, that return animated responses. I find IT managers like to recollect their pain, reflect on deployments, and revel in the benefits. The right questions, and astute follow up inquires, quickly cut to the core challenges and how they were addressed. 

Compelling Story:  Sales, marketing, and the customer all have interests in the final draft, but the story must invite prospects to learn more about the possible solution to solve their IT challenge, and the benefits they’d receive. A strong opening is essential, as are quantitative facts & anecdotes.

Internal win case studies: A variant of the customer story is the sales team success. I’ve written many internal win reports for which I follow the same approach, and have turned several into videos that activate the sales force to optimize their solution sales. 

Where I can help: Related services include working with sales teams to source case study candidates, placing stories and speakers in webinars, tradeshows, analyst discussions, & other campaign events, and maintaining customer relations, on your behalf, to follow the deployment success over time. 

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